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About Kendall


I received my first camera on my 10th birthday. On that day I fell in LOVE! I was that kid in High School who was always taking pictures – my friends, school dances and the football game. I must have taken 100s of rolls of film – thank goodness for Digital Photography.

My world is Blissful Chaos! My family is always in action. I’ve been married for 15 years, to a wonderful man. I’m lucky to have 4 fantastic children (a stepson and 3 daughters). We have kiddos coming and going, school projects, home improvement and a constant pile of laundry.  We have good and bad days – I wear my feelings on my sleeve so you can tell what kind of day it is.

Hobbies: strong coffee, cooking, entertaining, red wine, searching for Mid Century and Art Deco pieces, Pilates/Tabata, {kinda} a runner and Coach (little girl’s softball and Girls on the Run – In summary, I try to make this world just a little prettier one project and one person at a time.

I am blessed with a wonderful family and great friends. Friends I have known for over 30+ years, who I do not see enough but can pick up where we left off in a moment’s time. And friends who live nearby, who celebrate the chaos of life with a glass of wine. I have friends who are in their 60’s who have watched me grow up. And I have friends who are still children, who I’m watching grow up – too quickly if you ask me.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to meeting you!